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At Blackwood, we’re committed to a culture of problem-solving.  We take pride in our ability to quickly adapt to an ever-changing market while maintaining a constant, singular focus on getting the job done.  We define success by providing our customers with solutions that are practical, safe, and cost-effective.  


More than a consulting firm, Blackwood also provides all equipment and manpower to deliver real-world results for the solutions that it prescribes. Blackwood’s successful wood recycling and disposal programs have been presented at numerous industry events such as the SPTA Eastern Pole Conference, Investment Recovery Association, and Electric Utility Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance.


While headquartered in south-central Indiana, we have managed individual projects from Florida to California and everywhere in between. 

Blackwood is committed to continued investment into its fantastic team and top-shelf equipment. We recruit high-skill operators and drivers with a track-record of safety and proficiency. Blackwood proudly admits that its employees are its most valuable asset and that their commitment to quality customer service separates Blackwood from all competition.


We will become the most trusted logistics company improving America's infrastructure.

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  • We are Blackwood Solutions, not Blackwood Problems. 

  • We are Committed to Real-World Safety

  • We Serve First

  • We Deliver Excellence

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