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How Self-Unloading Works for Utility Hauling

Self-unloading technology is well understood in the vessel industry. Self-unloading vessels unload their own dry bulk and discharge cargo without any shore-side assistance.

However, self-unloading is not only reserved for unloading vessels. It also works incredibly well for utility hauling.

Every time a truck brings equipment to the remote job site, it must be unloaded. Self-unloading utility hauling companies handle the process without any outside equipment or workers.

So, what exactly is a self-unloading utility hauling company?

Let’s take a closer look at how self-unloading works.

The Traditional Customer Unloading Process

Unfortunately, most utility hauling companies are not self-unloading. The bulk carriers will bring your poles or reels, but you as the customer are responsible for unloading them.

This process requires equipment rental or hiring a third party. You must rent forklifts or telehandler services just to unload your equipment.

Renting equipment or hiring people to unload your equipment costs money. The discharging rate can be far more than you expect. It’s an added expense that eats away at your budget. It’s an expense you shouldn’t have to worry about when you work with a utility hauling company.

Furthermore, it’s time-consuming to unload everything. You must go through the added process of sourcing the equipment or manpower to unload. You need to coordinate the equipment rental and labor for unloading. All of this takes away precious time from your project.

The last, and perhaps most important, challenge with customer unloading is that it poses serious safety concerns. As your team works to unload, the process is prone to safety and liability hazards. Even when hiring experts, you must deal with added liability on your job site.

The Self-Unloading Solution

Handling utility unloading on your own complicates any project. Fortunately, there’s now a better solution.

Instead of dealing with unloading yourself, opt for a self-unloading utility hauling company. A self-unloading trucking company does it all. They bring your equipment to the site and fully unload it off the truck.

How Self-Unloading Works

How does the self-unloading process work? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Our specialty flatbed hauling trucks pull up to your site with all of your equipment safely strapped on.

  • Our team quickly gets to work, starting by unstrapping your equipment.

  • Much like unloading vessels, our specialty trucks contain all of the tools needed to unload. Our professional operators use the crane on our trucks to move your poles from the flatbed to the ground.

  • Throughout the entire process, we follow our track record of safety and excellent service.

  • After laying your equipment in a neat pile on your site, our fleet heads out. We leave you with a clean, functional site to complete your project.

That’s right, self-unloading is as simple as that. Our team handles every step of unloading. We don’t require any equipment or manpower from your team or contractors. You can count on us for fast, convenient self-unloading.

Choose Blackwood Resources as Your Self-Unloading Hauling Solution

As you can see, self-unloading utility hauling is the best option for unloading your equipment. Many hauling companies still leave it up to you to rent all the equipment and labor you need to unload your equipment. Doing this yourself is time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous.

Instead of handling unloading yourself, hire a trustworthy, self-unloading utility hauling company. Eliminate the need for a rigger, rental equipment, and additional labor when you choose Blackwood Resources.

Enjoy the many benefits of self-unloading for your next utility project with the help of Blackwood Resources. We provide a comprehensive utility hauling solution, handling all transportation needs for new utility poles. With our specialized equipment and trucks, we proudly offer self-unloading to all of our customers. America’s largest electric utilities rely on our team for convenient utility hauling.

Our certified women-owned trucking company is dedicated to helping you maintain modern infrastructure and reduce service disruptions by offering trusted hauling services. Whether you need transformers, steel poles, wood poles, concrete poles, or large reels, you can count on Blackwood Resources to get the job done right.

Learn more about how our self-unloading hauling company can help your team with its next utility project.

Contact our dedicated team today at or 812-676-8770 to learn more about our services or to schedule your haul.



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