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Safety Concerns for Unloading Utility Poles

Utility pole hauling is a difficult and even dangerous part of getting poles for your utility project to the material yard.

Transporting the poles is only one facet. The vast majority of the time, you will hire a hauling company to bring the poles to your material yard.

However, once they arrive you must deal with unloading poles.

The truth is that unloading utility poles comes with serious safety risks.

Let’s take a look at the safety concerns of the common unloading process, and what your solution is.

The Current Unloading Process

The vast majority of utility hauling companies make it your responsibility to unload the poles. They will transport the items to your material yard, but then at that time, it’s up to you to get them off.

For most utility projects, this means you must hire more help and rent more equipment. Typically, you need access to forklifts or a telehandler for unloading.

You’ll require a rigger for this process. The rigger has to hook up the load, crawl around the flatbed, and wrap ropes around the poles. They are in close proximity of the huge, heavy items, posing a major risk.

Safety Concerns

With the current unloading process, there are many safety concerns that could take place. It all depends on the specific project and material yard.

One major concern is all of the additional equipment around. The equipment is large, heavy, and loud. It can create a busier area, which is disorienting and dangerous for your existing team.

Of course, allowing your untrained team to handle any of this equipment would not work. So most often, utility companies also hire additional help for unloading poles. More people on the site means more liability and a greater risk something will go wrong.

But perhaps the biggest safety concern is the role of the rigger. The rigger is right there, up close with the massive poles. They are directly working on the items being moved, in very close proximity. This role in itself is a major hazard.

The Unloading Process Solution

As you can see, the common unloading process for utility projects is dangerous. It requires a rigger, which is a very risky role. In general, adding more large machinery and workers to your site can up the risk of safety issues.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for utility pole hauling and unloading: self-unloading trucking companies. While it can still be hard to find, a self-unloading service is the best solution.

Self-Unloading Utility Hauling

What exactly is self-unloading utility pole hauling? Rather than require you, the customer, to unload the poles onto your material yard, a self-unloading company handles the unloading for you.

We leverage specialty flatbed hauling trucks that contain everything we need to quickly and efficiently unload your poles.

Once we arrive at your material yard, we start unloading the poles where you need them. All of the tools we need are integrated into our incredible specialty trucks. Our highly-trained team operates our truck cranes to unload your poles from the truck to your desired spot.

Our entire self-unloading process follows the highest industry safety standards. You do not need to put your team or additional contractors at risk when you choose a self-unloading service for your utility project.

Eliminate the Rigger and Boost Safety

With a self-unloading service, you can eliminate the need for the rigger. This is one of the key ways that self-unloading helps make the entire unloading process much safer.

You won’t need to hire a rigger or send one of yours to unload. The job of the rigger is one of the most dangerous in the current unloading process. With our self-unloading service, we remove the need for one.

Eliminating the need for a rigger drastically improves the safety of utility pole unloading. It’s just one important way we help make unloading poles safer.

Blackwood Resources Self-Unloading Utility Hauling

For a safer utility unloading process, choose self-unloading. Most companies still do not offer this important service, and they require you to deal with the unloading process. Of course, this is an expensive and dangerous process.

Choose Blackwood Resources for quality self-unloading utility hauling. We help you eliminate the need for a rigger or any additional labor and equipment. We prioritize the safety of all people at the material site, all while helping you unload your new wood, steel, or concrete poles faster than ever.

You can count on our certified women-owned trucking company for all of your utility hauling needs. We’re here to ensure the process is as quick, safe, and economical as possible each and every time. Our dedicated asset-based hauling company is here to streamline utility hauling.

Learn more about our hauling services, including self-unloading, today. Contact us now at or 812-676-8770.



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