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Benefits of Operation Management Software for Utility Project Managers

Utility projects contain many moving parts. So, utility project managers can use operation management software to streamline and automate information and processes that have traditionally been handled manually.

Keeping up with crews, equipment, schedules, permits, and more requires time and organizational skills. Busy project managers might not have any time to oversee each moving part. Even if they have enough time, they might find their projects falling behind due to communication issues. Not having the proper resources in place to monitor operations can adversely impact productivity. Projects can fall behind and over budget.

Utility project managers can use operation management software to:

  • Save time.

  • Ensure job site safety.

  • Manage logistics.

  • Increase data access.

  • Track job and equipment statuses.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of operation management software for utility project managers.

Operation Management Software Can Save Time

Paperwork can become quite unruly given a project’s complexity. Important documents can go missing, requiring someone to either find them or print new copies. This takes time.

Project managers and their teams can focus on what must be done instead of rifling through stacks of paper when they digitize project-related information. Electronically filing, updating, and accessing data can reduce the time it takes to find data. Anyone on a job site or miles away can get up-to-the-minute news about a project.

Improve Worker Safety

Only qualified workers should ideally be scheduled to work. Competent workers who are constantly aware of every job site hazard can lower a project’s liability risk. Making sure they have the proper licenses and certifications is crucial in maintaining a safe work environment.

Operation management software can keep track of each crew member, their license and certification statuses, and their work schedule. You can send workers who have expired licenses for training and not schedule them for work until they oblige. Some software can even alert you before expirations so you can stay ahead and not lose any time.

Optimize Logistics

Information is vital in the utility industry. Knowing where and how all the parts of a project fit can prove daunting without a software solution at your disposal. Managers can use operation management software to organize and view worker data as well as equipment information.

For instance, project managers can check equipment maintenance statuses before something breaks. Any kind of downtime can hamper a project’s timely completion. Being aware that a piece of machinery is overdue for routine maintenance can reduce downtime and keep projects on track. In addition, managers can see which workers are allowed to operate specific equipment as well as when resources are available.

Increase Data Access

Project managers should make sure that each team member has the latest information regarding their project. For example, on-site contractors should be able to pull up current permit information on a digital device instead of looking for a sheet of paper that might have gotten lost. Ease of data access can reduce time and stress as well as help project teams overcome any unexpected obstacles. With information at their fingertips, they can ensure work does not stall any longer than it must.

Track Jobs and Resources

As previously mentioned, operation management software can help monitor workers’ qualifications and facilitate equipment maintenance. Project managers can find this to be a gamechanger if they have to juggle multiple complex projects. They can also use software to see how jobs progress. They can quickly attend to any that lag before work gets too far behind. They can easily form an action plan to reallocate workers or equipment easier with organized information at the ready.

But Operation Management Software Can Only Take You So Far

Construction management software can be one of the most powerful management tools that helps see projects through to completion. Project managers can use a cloud-based management system to oversee practically any construction project.

A project management tool can foster more assertive communication and collaboration among a project team. A team member can easily share data with others when the information is digital. They do not have to track people down to hand them a sheet of paper about projects, plans, or budgets. Inversely, teams can access the same information electronically so they are kept up to date with current data.

One of the benefits of resource management software includes saving time. Project managers who know their workers’ and equipment locations, numbers, and schedules can get a better handle on what needs to be done. Additionally, a management platform can help maintain project budgets by facilitating resource allocation tracking so no material goes wasted or missing.

However, with all its advantages, software solutions can only help utility project managers go so far.

Managing project logistics occasionally involves handling issues outside of the scope of project management software. A prime example is the delivery of oversized utility equipment like poles, spools, and transformers. Granted, managers can keep track of what they have on hand and delivery information, but software can not lift heavy equipment. You still need someone to do the hard work.

Blackwood Resources is Here to Help

We know utility project managers have a lot of duties and responsibilities. They can remove a heavy one by letting us take over their hauling tasks.

The utility and construction industries have trusted Blackwood Resources since 2017. We are an asset-based company, meaning we own our trucks and equipment. You do not have to make room in your budget for rentals, riggers, and drivers. Our proficient operators can transport utility poles anywhere in the eastern United States. If you have other transportation requirements, please let us know. We want to work with you.

We can load, transport, and unload utility poles with our specialized truck fleet. Our operators use cranes that are attached to the trucks to move your poles from the flatbed to the ground. They can leave you with a clean, functioning site where you can complete your project.

We hold professionalism to high standards. Without them, utility projects around the country can suffer setbacks. This is unacceptable. Everyone relies on utility infrastructures. Your job is to make sure our country remains connected. We know a weak link can ruin the entire chain. Therefore, we recruit drivers who have unmatched records of expertise and experience. We hold them to our high standards. They must display problem-solving attitudes and outstanding customer service. They strive to meet the expectations of all utility and infrastructure customers no matter the cargo. We trust their skills. You can, too.

Operation management software can help project managers overcome organizational and communication obstacles. We can help them worry less about how and when their equipment will arrive. Please contact us today.



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