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Choosing a Transformer Transportation Company

When it comes to your next utility project, wood or steel poles are not all that you need to get to the job site.

Chances are, you’ll also need to bring in electrical transformers.

Utility transformers are essential for the energy grid. They play a key role in transmitting and distributing energy along the grid.

As you may already know, transformer transportation is no easy feat. Not every utility hauling company has the equipment or expertise for transformer hauling.

That’s why it can be difficult to find the right partner for transformer transportation.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right specialty hauling company for the job.

Transformer Hauling Experience

You need a specialty trucking company that has experience with transformer transportation. While general utility hauling knowledge is great, the best companies have specific expertise with hauling transformers.

Of course, years of experience matter, but the type of experience also matters. Instead of looking for the company that’s been in the business of utility hauling the longest, look for one who has done many similar jobs.

Be sure to ask any potential specialty company what their experience is with hauling utility transformers. Inquire about how many similar jobs they have done. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and ask about the challenges they’ve overcome or how they’ve improved in transformer transportation over time.

Asset-Based Transformer Hauling

Many people do not realize that the majority of specialty hauling companies do not actually do the hauling. Instead, they work as brokers. This means that they simply pair customers with people who haul.

Brokers do not own their own equipment. They do not hire drivers. Instead, they partner with a network of carriers.

Even though they may promise you a certain quality, the truth is that as a broker they do not oversee the daily operations of each carrier. The result is that the level of quality may vary immensely.

That’s why it’s so important to work with an asset-based utility hauling company for transformer hauling. Asset-based companies own their equipment and employ their team of drivers.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll find when working with an asset-based transformer hauling company:

  • Direct lines of communication

  • Quality of service you can count on

  • A major boost in reliability

  • Hauling capacity

  • An accountable team


What happens when your utility transformers arrive at your job site? Will you have to hire additional help and rent more equipment to unload them? Most of the time, the answer is yet.

Most specialty trucking companies don’t unload utility poles or transformers for you. You’ll be responsible for getting the items off the truck and into your material yard. Usually, this means you need to spend even more money renting equipment and hiring help.

When you work with a self-unloading utility hauling company, you can count on them for loading and unloading transformers. They have unique trucks and equipment to handle unloading in a matter of minutes.

Self-unloading hauling companies save you time and money. They also help you maintain a safe work site by using their specialized equipment to unload your transformers efficiently.

Consider a Certified Women-Owned Specialty Trucking Company

When searching for a transforming hauling company, consider a certified women-owned trucking company. A WBE company is owned, operated, and managed by the majority of women (51% or more).

Why should you consider a WBE hauling company?

Keep in mind that all federally-funded projects have certain WBE and DBE requirements. A set percentage of the budget must go to businesses in disadvantaged categories, which includes WBE.

Working with a certified women-owned utility trucking company is one way to meet those necessary requirements.

Furthermore, it also helps you build a strong community reputation and empower female business owners, managers, and employees.

Choose Blackwood Resources for Transformer Hauling!

If you’re in need of quality utility hauling, Blackwood Resources is here to help. Our certified women-owned specialty hauling company brings all of the qualities above to the table, and more.

We haul utility poles and transformers using specialized trucks and equipment. With our quality trucks and dedicated team, we provide trusted asset-based utility hauling services. You can always count on us for safe, effective transformer hauling and unloading each and every time.

We’re here to help with your next transformer transportation needs. Find out more about how we can help with specialty hauling and utility transformer hauling today. Contact us at 812-676-8770 or



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