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How it Works: Hauling in the United States

Overlength hauling is a critical component of hauling the billion tons of goods in many different industries in the United States. This certainly holds true for the utility industry.

Trucking companies around the nation are needed to transport heavy utility poles and transformers to job sites.

While railways transport, air travel, and water transportation are common modes of transportation for other industries, long-haul truckers remain the staple in the utility industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how hauling in the United States works and the importance of finding the right trucking business for your utility project.

Rail Transportation

Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. contain a detailed railroad network connecting the major cities. The Federal Railway Administration (FRA) regulates the railroad network. One key benefit of this form of transportation is the fuel efficiency. The North American railway is commonly used to transport the following:

  • Coal

  • Grain

  • Chemicals

Waterway Transportation

The many rivers and canals throughout North America provide excellent transportation networks. Waterway transportation has been used for many years and can be especially useful for moving products across borders. It’s the most common method for shipping equipment internationally.

But is waterway transportation really worth it given the railway and road options? Compared to the other choices, waterway transportation is significantly less expensive.

Additionally, this option is very effective for large shipments. It’s often used for bulking items and splitting the cost with other shippers.

Furthermore, it’s ideal for hazardous/dangerous material as well. It can be transported on the water without putting the crew at much risk. It’s possible to seal the containers throughout the entire transportation.

Road Transportation

Motor carriers are the most common type of equipment transportation in North America. Most commonly, American trucking is used to bring manufactured products to the wholesalers, who then bring them to consumers.

This is why the freight trucking industry is so important in the country. Of course, certain roads in the country vary by season. For example, ice roads may not be crossable in the slippery winter months. This is just one reason why it’s so critical to find an expert for freight transportation.

Considerations for moving material across the country include:

  • Freight dimensions. The size of the materials and the total load certainly matter. You must consider the size of trucks needed for freight transportation.

  • Type of freight. In addition to the size, consider the type of freight. Does it contain hazardous materials, liquids, fragile materials, etc? It may require special handling and packing.

  • Final destination. How far away is the final destination? What is the route and terrain like to get there?

  • Size of the truckload. Does your freight fill an entire truck? In some industries, shippers can combine materials into a single truckload and share the cost. However, in other industries, this may not be an option.

  • Intermodal transportation. Intermodal transportation involves more than one mode of transportation, while the container stays closed. Think of goods that come in from overseas via ship and then are transported to the final destination via truck.

  • Multimodal: This method uses multiple modes of transportation, but can include the container being opened to transfer the cargo.

Specialty Trucking

While it’s a subset of road transportation, overlength trucking is necessary for utility hauling. Not every trucking business can handle the needs of your utility project.

For hauling new utility poles and transformers, you need long-haul truckers that can go a long distance when necessary.

What makes specialty trucking different?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Equipment: Most truck beds are not long enough for overlength materials including utility poles. Specialty trucking companies have the proper trucks to handle concrete, steel, and wood utility poles.

  • Experience. Total years of experience is great, but it won’t help you if the truck drivers have no experience with utility hauling. Specialty trucking companies have specific, relevant experience for hauling difficult, rare equipment like utility materials.

  • Truck drivers. Overlength trucking companies have truck drivers who can get the job done right. They are highly trained and have the necessary expertise for utility hauling.

What to Look for In a Utility Hauler

While other industries may rely on waterway transportation, railway transportation, and even the basic trucks in America, the utility industry requires specialized freight transportation.

With so many small businesses to choose from, it can be hard to find the right choice for utility haul trucking.

Here’s what to look for in a full-time utility hauling company before hiring them for truck driving:

  • Self-Unloading: Most of the specialty trucking industry has the equipment to transport your utility poles, but not to unload them. You’re usually responsible for unloading, which adds cost, time, and stress to your project. The best trucking companies have the proper equipment and expertise to unload your materials at the job site. Always look for a self-unloading trucking company.

  • Asset-based: The reality is that many companies in American trucking simply operate as brokers. They do not own their trucks or hire their own truck drivers. Instead, they operate as brokers who connect you to a network of haulers. Asset-based trucking companies are more reliable, so it’s crucial to find one for your utility hauling needs.

  • Safety. Safety is a non-negotiable standard in utility trucking. When hauling equipment that weighs millions, people must be very careful and follow the best safety practices. Always look for a company that prioritizes safety.

Transport Your Utility Equipment Today

If you’re looking for professional operators and truck drivers for your utility hauling needs, then you can end your search with Blackwood Resources. Founded in 2017, our certified women-owned specialty trucking company provides utility freight transportation across the country.

You can turn to our asset-based company for experienced, highly-trained truck drivers and professionals. We demonstrate a proven track record of safety when using our specialized equipment.

Turn to our dedicated team for help hauling the following:

  • Wood poles

  • Steel poles

  • Concrete poles

  • Utility transformers

Our reliable, affordable utility hauling services can help you with your utility pole hauling needs. You can count on our team for key industry experience and the highest level of service available.

Best yet, we provide self-unloading. After bringing your utility poles to your job site, we can unload them in no time. This means you won’t need to hire a rigger or rent bulky equipment. We leave you with a neat pile of your brand new utility poles ready to go!

If you need help with utility pole hauling, we’re here to help. Learn more about Blackwood Resources and how we can help with our utility hauling services. Contact us now at 812-676-8770 or



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