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How to Avoid Extra Costs with Overlength Shipping

One consideration for your utility project is the fact that utility poles require special handling.

When planning your overall budget, you must factor in the shipping costs for your materials. Since utility poles and transformers are so large, they require special trucks and a unique shipping process.

Understandably, you want to avoid extra costs during the shipping process and choose an affordable freight service for your needs.

So, how can you avoid extra costs during overlength shipping?

Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Choose an Experienced Overlength Hauling Company

The most important step is to choose the right overlength hauling company. You need a reliable, experienced partner than can ensure a successful, cost-effective shipping process.

At first, it may seem expensive to hire for a shipment that requires specialized trucks. However, choosing a company with experience will save you more money in the long run.

The right company should have a wealth of knowledge and experience with oversize loads and utility hauling specifically. They should be able to handle any necessary permits and paperwork for your haul.

Blackwood Resources is your best solution for freight shipping utility poles, transformers, and pipes. When you work with our dedicated team, you won’t need to spend money renting expensive machinery to haul your utility materials.

Tips for Finding an Affordable Utility Hauling Service

In addition to experience, you also want to choose an option that is affordable. Here are some tips for selecting an affordable utility hauling company:

  • Understand your cargo type and the requirements for hauling it.

  • Choose a company whose service area encompasses your entire route.

  • Compare reviews of the top companies to evaluate value and pricing.

  • Request your quote ahead of time.

  • Factor in unloading cost.

Proper Load Details

The more honest and up-front you are during the quote process, the better. If you want an accurate picture of the cost of your freight services, you must provide full disclosure.

You should provide as much detail as possible about your utility hauling project. For example, the company will need to know:

  • The pickup and drop off location

  • The material of the utility equipment, including size and weight.

  • Any special considerations

  • Other delivery requirements

When you provide these details, you will get a more accurate estimate of the freight rates and shipping process. At this time, you should also inquire about any accessorial charges or extra charges. Ask directly if your project requires special arrangements that impact the cost of the project.

Prepare Your Team

Time is money. Make sure that your team is ready to go when the time comes. You want to ensure your material yard is prepared and your team is on board when the shipment arrives. This saves you time, and therefore money.

If you are not ready when the utility materials arrive, then you may face extra charges. Prepare ahead of time, making sure that everyone knows where they should be and what they should do.

Choose a Self-Unloading Company

One huge expense that tends to sneak up on utility project managers is the extra cost of unloading. Once the utility poles make their way to your material yard, you need to get them off of the truck. Unfortunately, many utility hauling companies place an accessorial charge on unloading, if they do it at all.

Other times, unloading the freight shipment is left to you. That means you’ll have to hire additional workers and rent expensive equipment just to get your utility poles from the truck bed to your material yard.

The best way to avoid extra costs with overlength shipping is to choose a self-unloading utility hauling company. Self-unloading trucks have built-in cranes and equipment for unloading. This means that the hauling company unloads your poles for you at the job site.

Self-unloading saves you time (and time is money). It also directly saves you money, since you won’t need to hire anyone else or rent any other equipment on top of your shipping costs.

Affordable Utility Hauling with Blackwood Resources

For all of your utility hauling needs, turn to Blackwood Resources. We provide comprehensive utility hauling services for wood poles, steel poles, concrete poles, and utility transformers. You can count on us for quality, affordable hauling services.

We are one of the few that provide self-unloading at no extra cost. Our highly-trained technicians use our specialized equipment to unload your utility materials in minutes.

We always provide an honest, up-front quote for the shipping rates of your project. Our cost-effective hauling helps you get your utility poles to your material yard without additional charges or headaches.

Learn more about our utility hauling solutions today. Contact us now to discuss your next project and receive your free quote. Reach us at 812-676-8770 or for more information about our services!



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