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How to Maintain Safety During Storm Mobilization

A severe storm just passed through, destroying property and injuring people. Is your utility company able to mobilize to restore service to the impacted area?

Storm mobilization is crucial in preserving lives during natural disasters. A swift and comprehensive response involves gathering and transporting essential resources to affected areas. However, these resources must be activated with attention to safety. A major storm can impact not only the public but emergency personnel.

This article touches on how to maintain safety during storm mobilization and how the difficult work is not over once the disaster ends.

Obtain Up-to-Date Information

If a severe storm occurs, then checking a weather forecast throughout the event is vital. Getting accurate information can better inform decision-makers who must determine when they can and can not mobilize resources. They can keep their teams safe instead of deploying them out of ignorance.

Collaborate and Communicate

Each piece of a mobilization plan should work together to keep operations running safely and smoothly. Everyone should be in constant communication so they can better coordinate their efforts. Relationships should be made well before a storm or other disaster to avoid misunderstandings.

Plan, Plan, and Plan

Addressing each possible scenario can help safety managers create protocols that keep everyone as safe as possible. Being prepared can also help ensure efficient and quick mobilization. Managers should know how to deal with staff, supplies, and communication during a storm.


Managers have to train their teams so everyone knows what is expected of them during a storm. Staff should know how and when to respond to an emergency. Managers can conduct practice drills to keep their employees ready and able.

Adapt to Sudden Changes

Storms can shift tracks at a moment's notice. Managers must be ready to adjust their plans accordingly. Additionally, unforeseen circumstances, like the sudden unavailability of a specific response team, can wreck the most solid plan. Managers have to be able to adapt to adverse actions to make sure mobilization moves forward as best as it can.

Learn from the Past

Managers can learn from previous events and note what worked and what failed. They can then build a plan that accounts for those strengths and weaknesses. They can mobilize faster and safer next time.

After the Disaster

Mutual assistance is crucial during storms and other disasters. When tree limbs take out power lines and poles, efforts must be made to acquire the best resource that removes tree debris. Power outages can make people living in an affected area even more miserable than usual. A company like Blackwood Resources can respond to an identified area and bring new poles to utility companies. Our storm response service can help utility providers restore electricity, which can be essential in protecting public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals and other medical facilities can serve their sick patients more effectively when they have properly powered tools.

Blackwood Resources is More than Your Storm Response Solution

If your utility company can stage for a storm, then it should be able to safely mobilize at the right time. Following the best safety tips can keep people safe during storm mobilization. What comes after is equally important. Restoring electricity and communications reconnects people who need to move in with their lives. We can help utility companies rebuild their infrastructures so their customers can rejoin the world. We can transport your power poles after a storm and whenever you need them. As a self-unloading hauling company, we can deliver exceptional service to you so you can complete your job without worrying about late deadlines. Our experiences, services, and equipment back up our commitment to you.

Our Experience Matters

Since 2017, we have recruited a team of operators and drivers with extraordinary histories of competency. Our team specializes in utility pole transportation and distribution. They use what they have learned each time they head out for delivery.

Our Services to Solve Your Problems

Hauling power poles is a painstaking process. We can take over each step so you have one less headache. From permitting to planning routes, our team can get your poles and other utility freight from point A to B securely and on time. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Pole Transportation: We can transport materials up to 90 feet long. Our operators use self-loading trucks to self-load and unload materials at your job site.

  • Railcar Unloading: Our team is experienced in unloading railcars at their destinations. They can skillfully handle overweight railcars, load shifts, and readjustments.

  • Relocation: Get in touch with us if you need to relocate materials from and to temporary contractor-yard set-ups and non-permanent distribution centers. In addition to pole relocation, we provide bin-block transportation and set up for new and existing yards.

Our Equipment is Key

Our fleet of self-unloading trucks is not only the most efficient for storm clean-up and pole transportation but also for normal utility freight delivery. They allow us to create significant transportation efficiencies and lower costs for you.

A self-unloading truck has attached grapples that can pick up and move utility poles and other overlength items. One of our operators can load, deliver, and unload materials in less time than it takes to hire additional team members and equipment.

We can confidently haul and unload wood, steel, and concrete utility poles, pilings, pipes, and other oversize materials. Let us know what you need and we can align our services to meet your demands.

Our Commitment to You and the Utility Industry

We want to set ourselves apart from other hauling companies. In giving you superior customer service, we hope to become the one utility hauling solution you think of when you need your poles, transformers, and other equipment to promptly arrive on-site.

Sticking to a budget during a crisis can be just one more headache you must contend with. We are also committed to helping you save money. Our self-unloading utility hauling service means you do not have to hire anyone but us or rent equipment. We are an all-in-one solution to your pole transportation issues.

We will explain the process so you know what to anticipate each step of the way. Clear communication helps ensure you can complete your project as well as help us ensure we perform to your expectations.

We know how important your job is during a natural disaster. We aim to make it easier by supplying hauling experts with the best equipment. Our roadside transport, clean-up, and staging services can alleviate much of the stress that goes into disaster recovery.

Contact us today to find out how we can expeditiously bring you new poles wherever and whenever you need them.



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