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Qualities to Look for in a Utility Hauling Truck Driver

Utility hauling requires careful planning and consideration. Weight, size, truck limitations, and laws must all be considered before initiating transportation. Poles, transformers, and other equipment must be securely moved with minimal risk to the drivers and other people on the road.

A utility truck driver has an enormous responsibility. Without them, our electrical and communications infrastructures would suffer since they are the ones who haul the equipment that keeps the world running.

If you are searching for a truck driver to transport your utility cargo, then you probably already know you should not hire the least capable person. You have to trust your driver to do the job safely and on time. An unskilled driver can put other drivers at risk of serious injury. A utility hauling truck driver should:

  • Have the appropriate license.

  • Always have safety in mind.

  • Know their way around trucks.

  • Have good communication skills.

  • Demonstrate reliability.

Utility Hauling Truck Drivers Should Be Licensed

A commercial driver’s license is a basic essential for truck drivers. Obtaining one is not as easy as completing an application. Anyone who wants to work in the trucking industry has to practice with a qualified driver, pass a series of tests, submit to a driving record check, and have a physical.

Federal laws factor into what qualifications drivers must have before being licensed. Drivers must be 21 years old, able to physically handle the driving, and understand English to some degree.

Any driver who has a history of negligence might have a suspended license. They should not be hired for any job unless they have shown improvement and possess valid licenses. Employing this type of driver can place more than your utility equipment at risk. Any incident they cause could result in litigation against your company.

Utility Hauling Truck Drivers Should Follow Safety Practices

Safety must constantly be on truck drivers’ minds. They must be able to maintain their trucks, follow regulations regarding loading, driving, and unloading cargo, and watch out for other vehicles.

Additionally, responsible drivers will also frequently check their mirrors for blind spots, cautiously make turns when needed, and drive at reasonable speeds. These are only a few of the obligations that drivers must fulfill when they get behind the wheel.

Drivers must always be aware and patient when on the road. They have to be well-rested before setting out. Fatigue can dull their senses and distract them from paying attention to everything around them. Patience can ensure they obey speed limits and do not drive aggressively. They have to keep their cool in stressful situations otherwise they run the risk of causing devastating incidents.

Utility Hauling Truck Drivers Should Know Their Trucks

A truck that is running smoothly can get its cargo to its destination safer and quicker. A driver who makes sure their truck is caught up with routine maintenance shows they take the job seriously. They should have enough mechanical knowledge to repair their trucks or at least know what is wrong.

Drivers who can fix their trucks themselves can minimize any shipping delays. They might be worth hiring if time is a pressing matter. Even if they can not fix their trucks, they can help those that can by offering a detailed report of what went wrong.

Utility Hauling Truck Drivers Should Be Good Communicators

Utility hauling can be a lonely job, especially if drivers are on the road for hours. However, this does not mean that drivers should not have proper communication skills. They often have to keep in touch with their employers and clients. Being clear and polite are two more duties drivers must take on and not overlook.

Utility Hauling Truck Drivers Should Be Reliable

Ultimately, all of the qualities truck drivers should possess boil down to one crucial aspect: reliability.

Holding the proper licenses, being safety-minded, having mechanical knowledge, and communicating well contribute to a driver’s reliability. Are they sufficiently qualified to haul utility equipment? Do they have a clean driving record? Can they fix their trucks? Are they courteous and able to convey information? If these questions can be affirmatively answered, then they can get the job done on time with little to no difficulty.

Blackwood Resources Drives Success

Truck driving is a critical job that requires focus, dedication, and unique knowledge, especially when hauling a utility trailer. Utility hauling truck drivers have to be dedicated to being the best they can be. Their unwavering focus can empower them to effectively and efficiently operate their vehicles. The best truck drivers can provide customers with the confidence that their shipments will arrive as scheduled. Their behavior reflects on themselves and the companies that hire them. Superior specialty hauling companies should only hire the most qualified and reliable drivers.

Blackwood Resources holds professionalism to high standards with our experienced drivers. We recruit our drivers who have peerless histories of expertise and experience. Our drivers are also held to our standards. They must display problem-solving attitudes and commit themselves to outstanding customer service.

Our team of accomplished professionals operates a fleet of well-maintained specialized equipment. They strive to meet the demands of all utility and infrastructure customers no matter the cargo. We have invested in our drivers so that they can meet your utility hauling needs.

Drivers can be the center of providing a quality utility haul. You should not have to stress over hiring the best ones for your project. You need a seamless solution to your transport challenges that lifts the burden from your shoulders.

We can supply the most capable and reliable drivers and equipment to get your equipment from point A to point B. Learn more about our utility hauling services and how we can help you today. Contact us today at or 812-676-8770 to learn more.



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