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What is a Utility Project Manager's Day Like?

Successful project management does not occur overnight. Having a project plan is only one part of the larger picture. A utility or construction project manager must know all the parts of the projects and how they fit together. The life of a project depends on how effectively a program manager directs the project team.

The day in the life of a project manager is full of planning, problem-solving, and communication. Your project management role is critical in keeping all of your projects moving along as smoothly as possible. You have to employ your time management skills to ensure all of the important tasks are finished on time and within budget. From project scheduling to meeting with stakeholders on a daily basis, you have to work hard in the short term to be successful in the long term.

What is a utility project manager’s day like?

This article is a sample of what you probably look forward to every day.

First Things First: Prioritize the Day

Utility project managers should know what tasks are to be performed each day. They should also decide which ones are more important than others. They should not only prioritize tasks but projects. Juggling multiple projects means managing various priorities.

Identifying the most vital work that needs to be completed first can keep projects on track. This process involves assessing which ones require immediate attention. Dealing with projects that are most at risk as soon as possible can mitigate their late delivery or budgetary overrun. If you make a list, then you will have a guide that can take you through the day.

One Thing at a Time: Deal With Each Individual Priority

After you have set the day’s priorities, you will know what tasks need to be tackled first and what can wait until later in the day or further in the future. You should now start with the top priority and make your way down the list. Work on each priority one at a time. This method can help you focus on each task, enabling you to stay on top of every project. You do not have to scramble when an obstacle that could delay a project pops up. You should already be aware of what is going on so you can better prepare for those events.

Although your list of priorities might take you to various places, it can help you stay current with all of your projects’ statuses. Dealing with priorities across multiple projects can give you a broad look at everything instead of focusing your efforts on one job. If you are responsible for several projects, then you have to manage each one.

Gather Around: Meet, Meet, and Meet

Some days, a utility project manager might spend more time in meetings than on actual job sites. You have to prepare for each meeting. You might be asked to deliver status reports. You might be questioned about every aspect of a project. You should be prepared to address any issues that could impact your project. If you have to manage several projects, then you should expect to attend a meeting for each one.

Being prepared for meetings can make them easier and faster to get through and make them more productive. Additionally, if your team notices your preparedness, then they can come prepared next time. They can stay focused when you have information ready to be disseminated. Watching a project manager fumble while trying to find certain information could etch away confidence. Being prepared can inspire your team and make you look better.

What’s Going On?: Stay Informed

Information is power. The more you know about what is going on with your projects, the better position you and your team will be in if something goes wrong. You can prevent any hiccups if you can see hints of them beforehand. You can use a digital project management tool to stay up-to-date with your projects. Some companies email their teams daily. Regardless of the medium, you have to know what is going on with your projects.

Information should also go both ways. You should keep your team in the loop regarding news like scheduling changes or external factors that could impact their work. Again, a digital project management tool can facilitate communication and help ensure the successful completion of your projects.

Not Quite Quitting Time: End the Day the Right Way

Although you might look forward to quitting time, you might still have a few things to do. You might be tired from all of the meetings and going back and forth between job sites. However, your responsibilities do not end because you are exhausted.

Before you go home, you should look at your list of priorities and determine if you accomplished everything you set out to do. If you did not, you should decide if they can wait until the next work day. Hopefully, you completed the most important ones. You can add the unfinished work to the next day’s list, preferably at the top. When you get behind in work, your projects could follow suit.

If you think you are caught up, then take a look at what awaits you in the future. You can note what needs to be done the next day or in the next week. Giving yourself a heads-up can help you plan for the next day faster.

Blackwood Resources Can Lighten Your Load

When you are responsible for managing the projects that keep the world connected and powered, you have to diligently stay on top of things. Repeating the same tasks day to day can build up and overwhelm you. Even the most agile project manager needs help. Whether assistance comes in the form of project management software or more team members, project managers should consider all of their options.

When you need utility poles and other oversized equipment delivered to your job sites, you need a trusted partner in the utility industry to transport your cargo quickly and safely. Blackwood Resources can offer you the most complete utility pole transportation services so you can devote your time to everything else you have to accomplish.

Reaching out to us might be the game-changer you have been looking for. We can eliminate the often-painful job of having to rent trucks and cranes as well as hire drivers and riggers. Our specially-designed trucks can load, transport, and unload your material. We are committed to helping you finish your project with minimal fuss. Partnering with us can keep your projects remain on target.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one less thing to stress out about?

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