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What is Asset Based Trucking?

Choosing the right trucking company is imperative when bringing poles to your job site.

Of course, you want to choose truck drivers who are reliable, experienced, and overall high quality.

Unfortunately, many of the trucking companies you’ll find via online search (or even through recommendation) are really brokers.

Very few utility haulers actually move your freight themselves.

That’s why it’s so important to look for asset-based carriers for all of your projects.

But what exactly is asset-based trucking?

Read on to find out the difference between brokers and asset-based companies in the trucking industry.

Most Hauling Companies are Brokers

The vast majority of specialty hauling companies you’ll find online are actually brokers. This means that their team is not actually the ones hauling your utility materials and equipment. They do not own their own freight or equipment. Instead, they simply connect you to someone who will do this.

The company advertises itself as the face of the business, but in reality, they are simply connecting you with someone else who will provide the service.

The trucking brokers help various carriers to fill their schedules. In exchange, they earn a commission on each job.

Why do companies do this?

By not owning their own equipment, trucking brokers face far less capital risk. Instead, they focus on the relationship aspect. They negotiate with service providers to help customers get ideal rates.

Oftentimes, they’re able to work with several types of carriers to handle various types of hauls. In essence, it’s a lot easier for a company to act as a broker.

Asset-Based Carriers

On the other hand, there are asset-based companies. Asset-based carriers may also be called “owner-operators” because they own the equipment and perform the actual hauling for customers.

An asset-based utility hauling company owns the necessary trucks, support equipment, etc. They hire their truck drivers directly to work for them.

When you work with an asset-based trucking company, they are the ones who transport your materials. They own all of their own equipment, and may even provide additional services like self-unloading.

How Does an Asset-Based Company Work

Asset-based companies own all of their own equipment. This means that they purchase and maintain all of their own trucks and other specialized equipment. They pay for all of the maintenance, repairs, and replacements themselves.

As such, they face a higher capital risk. The higher capital risk gives them more incentive to provide the highest-quality service. They know how important it is to continue serving clients, so they do everything they can to provide exemplary service.

Furthermore, an asset-based trucking company hires truck drivers to operate their equipment. They directly hire drivers, taking full responsibility for the quality, punctuality, and experience of their drivers. They must prioritize the needs of their drivers, as each driver plays a clear role in the company’s success. This helps ensure better working conditions for drivers and an ethical operation.

When you schedule a haul with an asset-based specialty trucking company, they directly handle the job. Based on the requirements of your haul, they will determine how many/which trucks to use, which drivers will work, etc.

On the day of the haul, the company you contacted will be the one at your job site, with their own equipment and truckers. They will directly assist you with any questions or concerns.

Working with an Asset-Based Trucking Team

Working with an asset-based trucking team sounds great, and it is! But, the sad truth is that asset-based carriers are quite rare. The vast majority of specialty trucking and hauling companies are really just brokers who work with a huge network of carriers.

The worst part is that they are not always explicitly clear about their role a broker. Oftentimes, brokers won’t directly explain to you how their business works. They essentially act as if they are the ones doing the hauling, when in fact what they are really doing is connecting you with another company in their network.

For your next utility hauling project, choose a company you can count on. Select an asset-based trucking team. By owning their equipment and directly employing their team, they can provide immense reliability and consistent service time and time again.

Blackwood Resources is Here to Help

Blackwood Resources is an asset-based utility hauling company here to help you stage new utility poles at your material yard. We use our very own premium specialty equipment alongside knowledgeable employees to offer excellent service.

Unlike many others, we do not operate as a broker. Instead, our team and our trucks set our company apart from the rest. Our team is dedicated to helping your team best serve your customers in real-time.

Not only do we haul new utility poles, but we also unload them as part of our service. Our specialized trucks include the necessary equipment for self-unloading. That means you do not need to worry about hiring more help or renting more equipment just to unload.

We don’t hire people to haul, we do it. We are the carriers you can count on for your utility hauling needs. Since we own our own trucks and employ our own drivers, you can expect a huge advantage for reliability.

How can Blackwood Resources women-owned and 100% asset-based hauling company help you with your utility project?

Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you. Call us at 812-676-8770 or send an email to today!



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