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What is Railcar Unloading?

If you are a utility project manager, then you are probably aware of how complicated your job is. You are responsible for supervising every aspect of a job until it is completed. Without you, projects might suffer setbacks or come to a halt altogether. Whether yours is a public works, electrical, or telecommunication project, you need guarantees that every step will go as smoothly as possible.

One critical step is transportation. If your team needs to run new lines or replace poles, you must find a way to get the equipment to the worksite. Transporting the equipment used to back electrical and communications infrastructures is not as simple as placing cargo on a flatbed and driving it where it needs to go. A lot of care and planning can go into transport to ensure safe delivery. Permits must often be pulled. Routes must be mapped. Keeping up with all the details can be a lot of work for a busy project manager.

One overlooked aspect is how the equipment will be loaded onto a truck and then unloaded once it arrives at its destination. Railcar unloading is not something many people will think of when talking about utility transportation. However, it can prove indispensable to your job and the entire utility industry.

What is rail-car unloading?

Keep reading for more information on utility rail-car unloading.

What is Railcar Unloading?

Railcar unloading, or transloading, is a service that industry-leading hauling companies offer. It involves positioning trucks at railroads to unload railcars of utility poles or other material onto the trucks and then travel to a destination where the trucks can unload them. Railcars can also arrive at utility yards and be unloaded there.

Rail transport is a key part of the utility supply chain. You need unloading services to take the heavy equipment and bulk materials from the distribution center to your final destination.

Why Railcar Unloading is Important to the Utility Industry

Self-unloading saves a ton of time, which is crucial for the utility industry. Maintaining the country’s electrical and communications infrastructures is vital to keeping the world up and running. Restoring electricity and communications after a natural disaster is absolutely vital to reconnect people to each other.

Hiring two separate companies, one for transportation and the other for unloading, is a drain on time.

Finding two different companies in the wake of a severe weather event can compound this problem. Project managers must call around and hope to find available crews and equipment. If they successfully find someone, then they might have to pay more for emergency services.

Even after the crew hiring and equipment rentals are sorted, the logistics still have to be worked out. The crew must bring the forklifts or cranes to the worksite. Then the haulers have to pick up the utility shipment and transport it to the site. Unloading can begin if the crew and equipment are ready.

Utility railcar unloading is important for the utility industry but is only efficient if it is performed by the hauling company. One company that can do the job of two can save time since the trucks have boom-equipped tractors attached to them. Plus, project managers only have to track down one company instead of two. They can save money by not having to hire workers and rent equipment. The third monumental saving is less stress.

Utility projects, even if they are not a result of a catastrophe, can be rife with headaches and worries. Managers have many responsibilities that should not be waved away. An all-in-one transloading solution can help them fulfill their duties and keep the power on for millions of people.

Blackwood Resources is Your Railcar Unloading Answer

Railroad unloading, and utility transloading, is a challenging process because of the complexity of unloading operations. Blackwood Resources can handle the unloading process and several other transportation services to save you time and money. We can help free you of the anxiety that goes into planning a utility transport with our cost-effective transloading service.

Since 2017, we have concentrated our efforts on creating a team of proficient professionals to operate our fleet of innovative specialized equipment. We hire operators and drivers with fantastic work and safety histories. Completing the job per regulations and your specifications is our top concern, which is why we show a strong dedication to customer service.

We are a proud and trusted partner of the utility industry. We know how vital electrical and communication utilities are. Utility companies must keep their customers satisfied. To do so, they must maintain their infrastructures at optimal conditions to reduce service disruptions and downtime. We are confident in our ability to adapt to in-demand markets all while keeping our tending to our own customers’ requirements, railcar unloading being one of them.

Our team of operators is experienced in loading and unloading railcars. If any railcars are overweight, have had a load shift, or need to be readjusted, our team can handle each situation with an intelligent problem-solving attitude. They can competently and safely manage any expectancy.

Our services cover getting suitable trucks, equipment, drivers, and permits. We can support any load-and-go project. Our fleet of pole haulers is ready to mobilize at short notice. They can also maximize load capacity to raise transportation efficiencies and reduce expenses, saving you additional time and money.

Don’t miss another deadline. Let us haul or unload your utility poles, transformers, and other equipment. Please contact us today.



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