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Signs You Need New Utility Poles

Wood, concrete, and steel utility poles all have fairly long lifespans. When you choose the right pole material for the area and practice proper maintenance, the utility poles can last for multiple decades.

Still, eventually, the time will come when you need new utility poles. But you don't want to wait for the pole to fall.

How do you know when it’s time for new utility poles?

Read on to find out.

Decaying Wood Poles

Wooden poles are still a very common choice for utility companies. While there are many benefits of using wood poles, eventually weather can cause the pole to fail. One of the main signs that you should replace your utility poles is decay.

Over time, extreme weather, insect, and other elements can wear the wood. Insect infestations can take a toll on utility poles, eating away at the wood. Even treated wood will eventually face decay.

Check the wood poles for any signs of decay. If you see this, you should further assess the pole. In some cases, it’s possible to repair poles, but often you will need to replace them.

Leaning Poles

Another sign that you need new utility poles is that the poles are leaning. Leaning power poles pose a huge risk to public safety.

If a big storm came through, it could knock over the utility pole and create a major safety hazard. Leaning poles are more likely to fall over, so they should be replaced.

Before replacing them, you should use warning tape and post signs to mark off the area. This helps alert people who are passing by about the risk nearby and can help keep people safe.

Decaying Power Line

In addition to checking the utility poles, you should also check for the power lines. Over time, the wires can also decay. Look for any exposed wires, as these increase the risk of power line safety hazards.

When a power line is exposed, it allows electrical currents to travel to other nearby objects. If someone were to touch one of these objects (especially when it’s raining) they would receive a dangerous voltage shock. This poses a risk to both people and animals, and far too many families suffered from a lost pet due to this hazard.

Leaving decaying power lines is against state law, and is something you should address immediately. In many cases, you will need to replace the power poles as well as the wire.

Repair or Replace Utility Poles?

Damaged and failing power poles increase the risk of serious accidents. If you notice rotting, leaning poles, or damaged wires, then consider replacing them.

But how do you know if you should replace or repair utility poles? After all, poles can be costly to replace. They aren't something you can find easily at a yard sale!

Here are some factors to consider:

  • How severe is the damage?

  • How many poles are damaged?

  • What is the cost of repair?

  • Approximately what lifespan does the pole have left?

  • Do you have an affordable hauling solution?

If the powerline has many poles that are failing or damaged, then repair does not make sense. Likewise, if the damage is severe and costly to repair, replacement is more logical.

Ultimately, you must compare the time and cost of repair to replacement. Additionally, evaluate if the current pole material is best for the location, or if it’s better to update the poles to new material. For example, it may make sense to change out wood poles if you are in a very wet climate.

If you wait too long to replace poles, you may end up in a situation where you must rush to restore power. To avoid power outages and keep the North American service line working well, you must know when to replace poles and the overhead power line.

Blackwood Resources for New Utility Pole Hauling

When the time comes for new utility poles, you need a dedicated utility hauling partner by your side. Blackwood Resources is here to help with all of your utility pole hauling needs. We make it easier and less stressful to replace the poles you need to.

Turn to our dedicated team of professional operators for quality overlength hauling. Using our specialized trucks and equipment, we unload the equipment for you at your material yard, saving you time and money.

We are dedicated to safety and focus on training all of our workers to the highest standards. You can count on our experienced operators to efficiently haul your new poles. Whether you need steel utility poles, wood poles, or concrete pole hauling, we are here to help.

Learn more about our utility hauling services and how we can help you with your next project today. Contact us now at 812-676-8770 or for more information about our services!



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