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The Easiest Way to Unload Utility Poles

It goes without saying that once trucks arrive at a job site containing utility poles, they must be unloaded one way or another. Unfortunately, most carriers will bring you utility poles but will not unload utility poles for you. In this case, you’ll need to look into the logistics of unloading utility poles yourself, which can be an arduous process and require you to take on outside help or lease equipment.

Thankfully, there is an alternative to hiring an outside unloading company: working with a self-unloading utility company. The best utility companies, like Blackwood Resources, unload the poles they provide themselves, simplifying the process for you and eliminating the need to work with expensive additional contractors. Let’s take a deeper look at what self-unloading is, and why it is so beneficial compared to manually unloading your equipment yourself or working with an outside contractor.

What Is Self-Unloading?

Most utility haulers bring equipment to your job site but leave it up to you to unload the equipment. To unload large equipment like utility poles on your own, you’ll need to either rent additional equipment or work with an outside contractor who already has the tools and experience needed to unload utility poles.

Self-unloading utility companies are different than most utility haulers. Unlike most companies, self-unloading utility haulers unload the products they provide themselves, eliminating the need for you to contact an outside company or unload the products yourself. The self-unloading process is not only affordable and effective, but it is fast and simple, too.

At Blackwood, our self-unloading process will take all of the weight off of your shoulders when it comes to reloading your utility poles.

First, we will send one of our specialty flatbed hauling self-unloading trucks to your site with the products you’ve ordered. Once we arrive at the job site, we begin removing all of the equipment from our trucks using special cranes. The process will be quick and require no further effort on your part, Our team will leave your job site better than we found it; in perfect condition, and with your equipment in a neat pile on site!

Why Work With A Self-Unloading Utility Hauling Company

When you need equipment like utility poles at your site, self-unloading utility hauling companies are your solution for fast and efficient utility pole unloading. There are numerous benefits to working with a self-unloading utility hauling company that you might want to consider.

Unloading Is Expensive

Unloading equipment on your own can easily become very expensive. There is no way to unload large equipment like utility poles without working with additional construction equipment, which you will either need to buy or rent. You may also opt to hire additional manpower to help you unload your utility poles, which can easily get expensive, considering many contractors charge hourly rates or expensive flat rates for unloading equipment.

When purchasing equipment like utility poles, you shouldn’t have to factor in the additional costs of hiring contractors to unload your tools, or renting tons of equipment so you can do it yourself. When you work with a self-unloading utility hauling company, you won’t need to pay another contractor to unload your equipment, nor will you need to pay any additional fees.

Unloading Takes Time

Unloading large equipment is not only expensive, but it's also time-consuming, too. If you manage to unload the equipment yourself - given you have the tools and skills - you'll probably spend a lot more time on the project than most contractors, who have a lot of experience.

If you decide to hire an additional outside contractor, you probably won’t save much time, either; you will need to spend time planning, making phone calls, and working out the logistics with both your utility hauling company and your unloading company.

You can kill two birds with one stone and save yourself countless phone calls by going with a self-unloading utility hauling company. Self-unloading utility hauling companies will work with you to both provide the equipment you need and unload it at your job site, preventing you from needing to work with additional companies or contractors.

Unloading Can Be Dangerous

While unloading utility poles yourself can be a nuisance as it is time-consuming and costly, you might be surprised to find out that it can also actually be a threat to your health and employees’ health. Unloading equipment is a long process and a very loud one, which can cause disturbances in the work area and put employees at risk while they are doing their jobs.

Unloading large equipment is especially dangerous if an untrained team handles the utility poles or attempts to unload them. Individuals can fall or even have the poles themselves fall on them, meaning that unloading certain equipment can pose significant risks. Self-unloading utility hauling companies have experienced teams who know how to properly unload materials while keeping everyone safe.

Blackwood is Here to Help

Self-unloading utility hauling is the best way to unload utility poles and save time on pole unloading. By working with a company that unloads your equipment for you, you’ll save money by not having to hire a contractor or rent expensive equipment and save yourself a ton of time and manpower.

Blackwood is here to help you safely and quickly unload all of the products we provide. Not only do we deliver heavy loads like utility poles straight to you, but we'll also use our specialized self-unloading trucks to ensure all of the materials we provide end up in the right place on your job site without you having to lift a finger.

Looking for an experienced and reliable team of self-unloading utility haulers to help you with your next job? Contact our dedicated team today at or 812-676-8770 to learn more about our services or to schedule your haul



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