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Challenges of Hauling Utility Transformers

While utility poles are a core part of many projects, utility transformers are equally as integral.

Utility transformers play a vital role in transmitting and distributing energy throughout the grid.

There are certainly challenges of hauling utility pipes you must consider for your project, but transporting transformers also presents several considerations to address.

Why exactly is it so difficult to move transformers for your new project?

There are several logistical challenges that project managers must consider given that transporting transformers is no easy feat.

In this article, we review some of the primary challenges of hauling utility transformers as well as your best solution for transporting transformers.

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Hauling a utility transformer is not like taking a load of yard debris down the street. The transformers are massive, and therefore not suitable for many common hauling trucks.

Transformers weigh hundreds of pounds, and they are very large pieces of equipment. Therefore, to haul them you’ll need specialty hauling equipment. You must have equipment that is large enough and strong enough to adequately support the mass of the transformers.


What is the range between the production site and the material yard? How long the transformer must travel impacts the options, cost, and difficulty. A long trip, spanning several states, will have more challenges than one just across the city.

Of course, the range will vary with each project. Regardless, it’s a consideration you must meet head-on when considering transporting transformers.


Where exactly is this haul taking place? The specific state and location can add a host of new variables and challenges when hauling utility pipes.

Weather is one consideration. The weather in Florida is quite different from somewhere like Pennsylvania. Especially in the winter. You must consider the weather conditions and climate of where you are transporting (including where your route goes). Different weather conditions pose a threat to different issues. Think of how snow could impact the haul vs a hurricane.

In addition to the weather, the local regulations vary by location. The United States is a massive country. Each state has its own laws, and within each state counties and cities may have unique regulations. When it comes to overlength transport, you need to ensure you have the correct permits and meet the requirements for hauling.

Project Size

Depending on the specific utility project, you may need one or many utility transformers. The scope of the project impacts how many transformers you need to haul, where they are going, etc. If the project requires many transformers, then you’ll need to consider an effective solution for its demands.


Undoubtedly, transformer hauling adds cost to your project. When dealing with a tight budget, it can be hard to navigate the expensive of specialty trucking. That’s why you must choose a cost-effective solution that addresses as many aspects of the hauling process as possible.

Potential Delays

There are always potential delays to consider for any haul, especially overlength hauling. Project managers should consider all potential delays, how the delays could impact their project, and ways to prevent/address them.

Some common overlength hauling delays include:

  • Weather problems

  • Permit problems

  • Bad traffic/ road conditions

  • Issues with the specialty truck

  • Problems with the driver

  • Miscommunications


Getting the transformers to your material yard is really only the first step. Once they are there, they must be unloaded.

This brings up another major challenge with moving transformers. How can you unload them?

Most overlength trucking companies won’t help. They leave it up to you to get your equipment off of their truck once they arrive.

This means that you’re forced to dish out more money for unloading. Many project managers have to turn to hiring additional personnel and renting heavy machinery to unload. As you can imagine, this cuts away from your budget and takes time.

Choosing the Right Transportation Solution is Critical

Given the many challenges of hauling utility transformers, choosing the right partner is paramount. You need an overlength hauling company that can help you address these challenges and reduce the chances of delays.

Unfortunately, many utility hauling companies are actually just brokers. Brokers do not own their trucks or directly employ the drivers. They merely serve as a middleman who connects you with the truckers who do the job. While this is a convenient route, working with a specialty trucking broker increases the chances of miscommunication, false promises, and low-quality drivers.

That’s why it’s so important to choose an asset-based utility hauling company. Asset-based companies own their trucks and hire their drivers. They work with you directly to meet your hauling needs in a timely, affordable manner.

Blackwood Resources is here for Transformer Hauling

Finding the right overlength transport company is crucial, but it’s not always easy. You need a hauling solution that has the experience and dedication to help you haul utility transformers the right way. A company that is ready to communicate and tackle any challenge thrown its way. You need the Blackwood Resources utility hauling team.

Not only are we an asset-based specialty trucking company, but we also include self-unloading. You can count on our professional operators and our track record of safety. We are 100% committed to doing the job right, and we are the specialty trucking solution for you.

As an asset-based partner, we recruit and train talented drivers and operators for our overweight vehicles. Safety is one of our top priorities, which is just part of the reason we earned a 98% driver retention rate in 2021.

We’ve helped companies all over the country haul 100,000 tons already, and we’re here to help you transport transformers. We can handle the size or weight of transformers with our oversize, overweight loads. Our team is used to hauling heavy equipment. Turn to Blackwood Resources today for your next utility hauling project.

Learn more about our utility hauling solutions and how we can help you. Contact us today at or 812-676-8770 to learn more about our services or to schedule your haul.



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