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Offering more than 50 years of combined experience working on nearly every class-1 railroad, Blackwood’s management team has a thorough understanding of the environmental and logistic challenges in performing tie recycling and disposal services.  Providing sustainable tie recycling and disposal services requires a robust equipment list and extensive knowledge of both landscape and RTDF (railroad-tie-derived fuel) markets.  Unprecedented closures of biomass plants throughout the United States have led to a volatile market for RTDF.  Blackwood is proud to differentiate itself from competitors by aggressively pursuing alternative solutions for crosstie recycling/disposal, while still offering practical solutions in the current market.  


Specific services that Blackwood is equipped to perform include:

  • Hi-rail scrap tie pickup

  • Hi-rail new tie distribution

  • Hi-rail OTM and rail pickup

  • Car loading services and unloading services

  • Tie sorting and bundling services

  • Landscape tie sales

  • Over the road tie transport services

  • Scrap tie railcar management

  • Railroad tie derived fuel production and sales (RTDF)

  • Crosstie shredding services

  • Abandoned track removal

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