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How to Find a Utility Hauling Company Dedicated to Safety

One of the most important qualities to look for in a utility hauling company is a commitment to safety.

Of course, you need a specialty hauling company with the tools and experience to move wood, steel, and concrete utility poles effectively. However,s safety is a crucial component of getting the job done right.

Unfortunately, very few utility hauling companies promote their safety features and commitment. So, how can you find one that’s dedicated to safe hauling practices?

Read on to find out how to find a utility hauling company dedicated to safety.

Aspects of Utility Hauling Safety

First, it’s important to review the various parts of hauling safety to consider. Here are some of the different aspects of utilty hauling safety:

Highway Safety

One key area is highway safety. This includes how the drivers and trucks operate on the highway. Do they follow federal motor carrier safety laws? Do they demonstrate safe driving practices?

This is most important for hauls that require highway driving. The highway is one of the most dangerous areas for utilty hauling due to the high speeds and busy traffic. Navigating a specialty hauling vehicle on the highway is no easy feat, especially when it’s loaded up with utility poles.

You need a utility company that follows key highway safety practices. They practice safe driving techniques and can handle a variety of highway driving conditions.

Local Safety Regulations

Each state and community has its own safety regulations as well. For example, some require permits for overlength hauling or restrict access to certain roads.

A big part of utility hauling safety is following the local and national safety regulations. With so many different rules, it can be quite a challenge to know the current regulations.

That’s why a commitment to safety is so important. Hauling companies that are committed to safety always investigate the regulations in the areas they serve. They stay on top of the safety requirements for every haul, and they articulate these expectations to the drivers.

Utility Trailer

The actual hauling equipment also matters. You need a company that uses a safe utility trailer. They should work with a reputable trailer manufacturer and keep the truck trailer in good condition. Furthermore, the size of the trailer should be sufficient for handling overlength hauling.

Loading and Unloading

The process of loading the utility poles requires key safety practices. During the loading process, there are many opportunities for safety errors. For one, rushing the loading process can result in an injury to a worker. Additionally, improper loading can pose hazards during the drive.

The trucking company should be diligent in following the correct protocol for this process, including securing down the poles once loaded. The team should all be aware of the procedure and safety guidelines, including using the proper protective equipment.

Unloading is just as important and just as risky. Unfortunately, many trucking companies leave this part up to you. That means you must address the dangers of utility pole unloading all on your own. Renting equipment and using a rigger all make the process riskier.

Ideally, look for a self-unloading utilty hauling company. A self-unloading company unloads your utilty poles at your material yard. They have the proper equipment (like trucks with cranes) to quickly, efficiently, and safely unload the materials for you in minutes. Ultimately, this makes the process safer for your team and theirs.

Tips for Finding a Safe Utilty Hauling Company

Even when you know what to look for, finding a qualified utility company can be a challenge. Here are some tips that can help:

Look for Content About Safety

A utility hauling company that’s committed to safety will be proud to say so. They will have content and information about it on their website, and they will talk about it when you contact them. Look for companies that discuss a “commitment to safety” or other similar concepts.

Ask Directly

It can also be very helpful to talk directly with the hauling company. Express your concern about safety and ask the company how they view and uphold this value. They should be able to provide you with specific information and examples of how they demonstrate a dedication to utility hauling safety.

Testimonials and Reviews

What is the reputation of the company? Check for testimonials and reviews. Very low ratings are a sign of poor quality and lack of safety. On the other hand, highly rated companies tend to adhere to key safety standards.

Furthermore, you can read through a few reviews/ testimonials to see if any customers or employees talk about the safety of the company.

Turn to Blackwood Resources for a Track Record of Safety

For a utility hauling company dedicated to safety, turn to our team at Blackwood Resources. We’ve been providing quality hauling services since our inception in 2017. You can count on us to follow the guidelines from the Motor Carrier Safety Administration and local communities.

As an asset-based specialty trucking company, we only hire the best operators and drivers. Our focus is on safety, and we make this a priority within our team. With a 98% driver retention rate, we’ve demonstrated our dedication to employee and customer safety for several years now.

Furthermore, we offer self-unloading services as part of our utility hauling. This means you can count on a safer unloading process. You won’t need to put your team at risk or hire a rigger for the dangerous job of unloading utilty poles. Instead, our team uses our professional equipment to unload your materials quickly and safely.

Learn more about our utility hauling services and our commitment to safety today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to chat more about our track record of safety. Contact us today at or 812-676-8770 to learn more.



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