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The Best Solution for Transloading Utility Poles

Despite advances in infrastructure installation, the United States still relies on overhead power and telephone lines to keep people connected. Utility companies must maintain power lines, poles, and all the other equipment the country depends on. When it’s time for utility maintenance and replacement, project managers like you are tasked with getting the job done.

For example, utility companies that conduct pole inspections might find their wood utility poles need replacing. Even if they are treated with preservatives, wooden poles could be damaged by severe weather, fire, or malicious intent. Treated wood can fail under certain circumstances. What can not fail is prompt pole replacement.

Another example concerns fiber optic cables. Although they are often buried underground, they sometimes need replacing. The heavy responsibility falls on project managers to hire the people and get all the equipment together.

Utility equipment does not magically appear at job sites. Project managers must coordinate deliveries according to budgets, timelines, and safety protocol. Transloading utility poles is one of the most effective and efficient methods to get the job done with minimal hassles.

What is transloading? What is the best solution for transloading utility poles?

This article will answer these questions to help you get what you need to ensure a job well done.

What is Transloading?

Transloading is the process of transferring utility equipment from rail cars to trucks, transporting the equipment to a job site, and then unloading the trucks. Some transloading trucks use attached cranes to move the equipment.

In the utility industry, transloading is used to move wood poles, steel poles, concrete poles, or transformers from rail car to trucks. From there, the pole hauling trucks bring your utility materials to your job site.

Why You Should Use a Transloading Company

Transloading is an all-in-one solution to your utility equipment transportation problem. The process itself promotes a smooth, efficient delivery. When you promptly receive what you need to finish your project, then you are that much closer to fulfilling your company’s goals. In some cases, you can exceed them via the speed offered via transloading.

You can also make sure your project stays within budget when you employ a transloading solution. Outsourcing your utility equipment transportation means you should not have to rent additional equipment and hire drivers, crane operators, riggers, and more. You could quickly amass expenses if you have to handle hauling yourself.

If you have to manage multiple projects, then you could drive yourself crazy trying to keep each one in the black. You could save thousands of dollars in rentals and labor when you hire a hauling company to take care of the loading, delivery, and unloading of your supplies.

What to Look For in a Transloading Solution

Hauling Experience

Experience is vital when it comes to hauling utility poles and such. You should seek a company that has deep experience working with a variety of equipment. Ask the companies you are interested in hiring if they have performed hauls similar to yours to gauge whether or not they are a suitable fit.

Customer Service

You should use a transloading solution that you can trust. You should read as many reviews as you can before choosing a company. Determine how well the company communicates, responds to adversity, and performs overall. Although you want a company that has a flawless safety record, accidents can happen. You want a company that takes a solid problem-solving approach to everything they do.

Asset-Based Hauling

An asset-based hauling company owns its trucks and employs its workers. They are held accountable for their actions. Their reputations are on the line during each transport. You want to work directly with them, not with a broker who does not care whether or not your items are delivered.

Commitment to Safety

Utility hauling is dangerous. Maneuvering large, oversize objects requires the right expertise to keep everyone safe from harm. You should choose a company with a stellar safety history, not one that will raise your liability risk.

Turn to Blackwood Resources for Utility Transloading

You must get your utility poles and other equipment from the material or rail yard to your work site. You also need to do it inexpensively, safely, and punctually.

We are an asset-based company that will handle every aspect of your hauling project. From loading to unloading your equipment, we can do what other companies can not: exceed your expectations.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of the utility industry. We want to strengthen our relationship by improving how we do the heavy lifting. We purchased a new property that we haul poles out of with a rail spur on it. This lets us receive rail cars of poles at the yard and we unload from there. We have made it easier to transload utility poles so the entire industry can continue providing superior, uninterrupted service to its customers.

The best solution for transloading utility poles is one that removes the most stress from the process. Please contact us today if you want one less headache.



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