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Qualities to Look for in a Utility Inventory Management Solution

Utility project managers should know the primary difference between utility inventory storage and management. Storing your utility inventory is only part of the equation. Keeping track of it is another challenge that’s vital for your utility project!

Utility inventory storage involves having a location to put poles and other utility equipment. Utility inventory management is keeping track of the materials to make sure they are available when they are needed. Work orders do not guarantee that the required materials are ready. Monitoring each utility asset can help prevent project delays and help managers accommodate any sudden inventory changes.

Manual inventory tracking can be more beneficial than blindly assuming materials are where they are supposed to be. However, paper forms can not provide up-to-date inventory visibility insights like an automated management system can. Getting accurate data in real time from a desktop or mobile app can place project managers firmly in control of their inventory.

Utility companies seeking to evolve their asset management should look for the following qualities of an inventory management solution.


Utility inventory management can incorporate storage matters. Therefore, project managers should attain a facility staffed with dependable and competent professionals as well as one that provides an accessible inventory system that enables deep visibility. This mix of experts and technology can help remove doubts and worries.

Not only must the technology be reliable in terms of data, but it must also work as intended when needed. Substandard software can cause just as many if not more headaches. You can not depend on an automated system that is full of bugs and constantly goes down. What if you need to access it today and find out you can not? The system is undergoing maintenance again. How can you know if the poles you need two days from now are at the storage facility? What if you call the facility and have to deal with someone who does not know how to handle your simple query?

You should find the most reliable utility inventory management solution. A simple way to determine if a solution is reliable is by looking at its experience and what action it has taken to improve its operations.

For instance, imagine you are presented with two companies that promise to solve all of your utility inventory management issues. The first company is a year old, does not maintain a presence at its storage facility, and can not provide real-time inventory visibility via management software. The second company has been a trusted entity within the utility industry since 2017 having excelled in utility pole hauling. The second company has also built transload yards to help utility companies store and manage their inventories. What company would you trust more? Experience, intention, and action can demonstrate the reliability you desire.


Utility project managers and their teams can access an inventory management system from a computer, but not everyone in the field can do not. Using mobile devices is the new normal as companies across many industries embrace the accessibility technology offers. Workers can check in wherever they are as long as they have the right device and an Internet connection. They can be at a job site or on the way to one. Seeing what materials are available ahead of time can help managers plan better.

Accessibility extends beyond physical devices. Project managers and their teams need access to real-time, correct data. Keeping current with inventory statuses is crucial in ensuring projects proceed as expected. Outdated information is sometimes incorrect when it is assessed. The only way to counter this challenge is to have current information at all times.

Comprehensive Utility Storage, Inventory, and Hauling Services

You might find a company that supplements its utility inventory management solutions with other services that might benefit your project. For example, if you need to manage materials and have them delivered to job sites, then you might look for a company that can do both. What if you need the materials to be unloaded? Then you could partner with a solution that specializes in self-unloading, meeting your demands. A company that offers various services can be a one-stop shop for utility managers with multiple responsibilities.

Utility Inventory Management Success

Since 2017, we at Blackwood Solutions have focused on creating a team of skilled professionals to deliver the most efficient utility pole and equipment hauling services possible. We understand the obstacles the utility industry faces every day. We have worked diligently to hire expert drivers who operate our specialized trucks to load, transport, and unload materials hassle-free. Delivering this exceptional service can go a long way in helping utility companies meet their deadlines on time and within budget.

However, we have expanded our services to include utility inventory storage and management. We have built several transload yards where we can store your inventory until you are ready for us to deliver them. We can also monitor all of your materials and send you frequent inventory reports. Since we value open communication, you can contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

In addition to our hauling and inventory management services, you can leverage our:

  • Hurricane and disaster response

  • Pipeline, utility right-of-way, and land clearing

  • Waste auditing and consulting

  • Wood and fuel supply management

  • Wood pole, pallet, reel, and concrete recycling

With numerous services at your disposal, you can confidently oversee your utility projects regardless of their complexity. Our services can scale with your workload. For example, if you just need utility poles picked up and dropped off at a job site, then let us know. Our expert drivers can transport what you need. If you need to store and manage poles, then we can also provide that service.

Utility work is a multi-faceted job with problems looming around every corner. Although we can not eliminate every obstacle, we can help you defeat the most common challenges facing your industry. We are committed to giving you the tools you need to make your job easier.

Contact us to find out how we can streamline your next utility project.



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