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What Happens at Utility Transload Yards?

Utility project managers across the country know how difficult it can be to receive their poles and other materials. The process is not as easy as one would think. Issues can occur that delay work, resulting in missed deadlines and out-of-control budgets. Fortunately, transloading and transload yards have come to the forefront to help project managers accomplish their goals.

What is transloading? What happens at utility transload yards? Why are they important?

This article addresses these questions to drive home the value of these pivotal tools that can help you finish your utility project on time and within budget.

What is Transloading?

Transloading helps utility project managers overcome their utility pole transportation challenges. The process involves transferring poles and other oversize freight from rail cars to trucks and then to job sites. Manufacturers send out the poles via rail car, and then they must be moved to trucks for final delivery. Rail-to-truck transloading plays a key role in the utility industry throughout North America.

Trucks with attached grapples arrive at the transload facility. The drivers/operators use the grapples to remove the cargo from the rail car to the truck's flatbed. The driver/operator then drives to the job site and uses the same grapples to unload the flatbed wherever the cargo is needed.

Since the rail service is still an effective method of transporting oversize freight, efficient and safe rail car unloading and loading is a crucial link in the supply chain.

What Goes On at a Utility Transload Yard?

A basic transload yard is where haulers transfer cargo from rail cars to their flatbeds, also known as utility pole transloading. Some transload yards offer storage capabilities or inventory management as well. Since utility pole projects are usually planned months ahead of time, project managers must purchase poles ahead of time. If their job site is not ready for pole installation, then they need a place to store the poles until the time is right. They can keep their poles at a utility transload yard if the proper space exists.

In addition to facilitating transloading and storage, utility transload yards are obviously departure points for utility materials. A transloading hauling company like Blackwood Solutions can retrieve the materials waiting for you and take them to their final destinations.

Why are Utility Transload Yards Important?

Transload yards can impact vital aspects of your utility project. From its budget to stress, they can help you avoid many issues and delays that can plague a complicated job.

Utility Transload Yards Can Help You Stay Within a Budget

As a project manager, you must make sure everything not only goes according to plan but occurs within a budget. You are given a set amount of money to complete your job. A hauling company with its own utility transload yard can help you save money. Instead of dealing with multiple partners, you can work with one that should offer you a competitive price for any service you need.

Utility Transload Yards Can Help You Meet Deadlines

As previously mentioned, utility projects usually involve ordering materials ahead of time. A utility transload yard that has storage capabilities can make sure your materials are readily available once they arrive. You can have them transported when you need them instead of worrying about when they will show up in the yard.

Utility Transload Yards Can Help You Complete Your Project

Your utility poles and other materials have to arrive at your job site somehow. Without them, your project will stall. Transloading services and facilities are critical to your project's success. Fast and dependable transportation can get what you need where and when you need it.

Utility Transload Yards Can Help Alleviate Your Stress

Utility projects generally carry some level of stress. Of course, if a project is more complicated than others, then managers and their teams might experience more stress. Utility pole transportation on its own is a process that can cause headaches for even the most seasoned manager. Using a hauling company with its own utility transload yard can help set your mind at ease. You can rest easier knowing your equipment will be safely and promptly delivered when you give the word. You can leverage this benefit and focus on your other duties with a clearer mind.

Blackwood Solutions Offers the Complete Transload Yard Solution

Blackwood Solutions specializes in utility pole transport, including transloading. From a rail line to transload yards to your job site, we can manage all of the responsibilities of a utility pole transportation project using our specialized equipment. Our complete package of transloading services includes:

  • Acquiring your materials from the manufacturer.

  • Rail transloading utility materials from a rail car to our outdoor storage facility or directly onto our trucks.

  • Storing your materials in our utility lay-down yard for as long as you need.

  • Monitoring all of the materials you store on our property.

  • Hauling your materials from our transload yard to your job site.

  • Unloading your materials from our trucks to wherever you want.

We own our fleet of transloading trucks as well as a utility transload yard. We also have years of experience to secure your load and deliver it per regulations. We take care of route planning and permitting. All you have to do is call or email us to set up the service.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.



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